Jesse Gentry for Metro Nashville School Board

Candidate for District 2

Gentry for School Board

Why Your Vote Matters

Whether you have children in Metro Nashville Schools or not, the success of the children in Middle Tennessee will have a direct effect on your everyday life. Ensuring students and schools are successful in your community affect everything from home values to taxes to incarceration rates. Make sure your voice is heard by electing someone who will fight to make our schools and students successful.

Advocate for our Students

Jesse Gentry has spent his entire legal career advocating for children's best interest. He worked at the Department of Children's Services, where he advocated for the Tennessee's interest in protecting its youth. Let him use this expertise to advocate for our children in Metro Nashville Schools.

Get Involved

Jesse wants you on the team! Flyering, word-of-mouth, and donating to the campaign are all ways of helping! Click below to learn how you can specifically get involved and how to connect with Jesse. Having transparency among elected officials is vital and Jesse would love to hear about your personal experiences.

Are you in District 2?

District 2 Schools

District 2 is made up of the following schools:

  1. Cole Elementary
  2. Crieve Hall Elementary
  3. Granbery Elementary
  4. Haywood Elementary
  5. Shayne Elementary
  6. Tusculum Elementary
  7. McMurray Middle
  8. William Oliver Middle
  9. John Overton High
  10. Valor Flagship Academy
  11. Valor Voyager Academy

District 2 Voting

Although your home may be zoned for students to attend a school located in District 2, it doesn't necessarily mean you are zoned to vote for a representative in District 2. Please check the map above, check your voter ID card, or contact Jesse if you have any questions.

Contribute today!

 Jesse would rather have your vote than your dollar, but if you feel compelled to donate to the campaign, you can easily and safely do so through PayPal here. 

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