Helping Metro Nashville Schools Succeed

Appropriately Utilizing Resources

The Metro Nashville School Board oversees and allocates millions of dollars each year for the use in schools in Davidson County. Ensuring that each school, teacher, and student receives the necessary resources to be successful is key to ensuring our students are successful. Jesse will advocate for more funding for schools when appropriate while analyzing current expenditure to effectively use already available resources.

Creating Effective Schools

From his college training to be an educator, Jesse understands the importance of teachers and other school professionals feeling adequately supported by their school district. By implementing relevant training workshops, creating career mentorship, and appropriately developing curriculum resources, we can help our teachers focus on what they have been professionally trained to do. These programs will also help retain and recruit teachers for our schools.

Advocating for All Students

From his experience in creating and adhering to IEPs and 504 plans, Jesse understands that every student has different needs. By implementing policies to ensure that each student receives an appropriately rigorous education and allocating appropriate resources and utilizing community-based interventions, we can meet students where they are and help them do their best.