Meet Jesse

Jesse Gentry is a longtime advocate for children with a deeply-rooted passion for children’s well-being from both a theoretical and practical standpoint. For the past two years, Jesse has served as an attorney with the Department of Children’s Services, where he advocated for the State’s  interest in protecting children in Middle Tennessee. 


Jesse is the proud product of the public school system and he believes all children should have the same opportunities he had, from playing school-organized sports to theater and musical ensembles. Equipped with a thorough public school education, Jesse attended Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia, where he studied to be an educator.

While completing his student teaching practicum in college, Jesse watched as a student in his classroom was arrested. In that moment, Jesse realized that if he wanted to be an advocate for children, especially at-risk youth like his student, he would have to leave the classroom and enter the courtroom. This experience fueled him to attend law school in hopes of affecting change outside the schools. Jesse graduated from Belmont University College of Law in 2015 and has been working in juvenile law ever since.

After years in the courtroom overseeing cases involving child abuse, delinquency, truancy,  and other matters, Jesse wants to ensure that the children in District 2 are safe to learn and strongly supported by their community and their schools. He has seen first-hand how issues outside the classroom play a substantial role in children's ability to succeed in school. Prepared to put his knowledge and experience to work, Jesse wants to ensure that the children in Metro Nashville Schools are equipped to succeed both in the classroom and after they graduate.

Another benefit of the public education system for Jesse was meeting his future wife Victoria, who is an immigration attorney. They are proud to call District 2 home because of its diversity, inclusiveness, and safety.